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XIX Pan American Games Santiago 2023 -Candidate City-

City Branding

from the skies of Santiago de Chile comes the call to be a candidate city in the XIX Pan American Games. Like Toronto in 2015, the capital of Chile has waited its time to host for a long time. Today again and by private initiative, entrepreneurs, athletes and professionals, the idea has gone further still. L’ALLIANCE GROUPE proud carrier of this challenge presents today the result visual of what we know can be a selection only. Before it were Rio 2007 and Lima 2019.

As a group of design, we have received this idea. And as creators we are responsible for that Santiago has an identity seductive, cosmopolitan, modern, and versatile. From Montréal to Santiago, both ends are attached so that the result is magnificent. All the experience and the image of Montreal 1976, as host of the flagship Olympic Games of the modern era, proud city reach the Southern skies of Chile. Both sister cities now share what one day was a dream

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XIX Pan American Games Santiago 2023 -Candidate City-

City of Santiago

The city was founded 475 years ago, today the city as elevated as one of the most importan  metropolis in Latin America. The powerful downtown financial and business center, is also a magnet of culture, festivals ,shows, concerts, providing excelent cuisine and wine. Nearby you can find top quality vineyards , only 1 hour from the Pacific c oast with beaches so exquisite and recognized as Viña del Mar, Reñaca, Concón and pole of tourism and culture such as the port city of Valparaiso, vineyards in Casablanca, Leida and the beach of Algarrobo and San Alfonso del Mar. Visitors also can have sun tanned while ski ing at Portillo, Valle Nevado and El Colorado high level tracks, or have the thrill  to hit the jackpot at several Casinos´s such as Sun Monticello and Enjoy Los Andes.

Santiago is a fantastic city. Modern and classic at the same time, with circuits historical of museums and galleries in the Center civic of the city and them more modern centres commercial of Latin America as Costanera Center and the District of luxury in Parque Arauco Shopping Center and Alto Las Condes Mall Center. Easily access using high speed higways, underground tunnels through waterfront across from airport to Vitacura in just 15 minutes. Metropolitan Buses SMT system with card integrated into the Metro system and more than 108 underground train stations in a network of over 120 km. may see all this from the height on the terrace of the Hill San Cristobal to 800 meters next to the majestic and quiet look of the Inmaculada Concepción, indissoluble symbol of Santiago with its faith peace and hope. You can also have a great view from the Sky Costanera, the tallest building in South America ( 300 meters ) sear the trendy Providencia district.

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XIX Pan American Games 2023 -Candidate City-

The Announcement

The  idea that Santiago could organize the games of the 2023 not is nothing new. It’s been 42 years since Chile had the first opportunity to host the Pan-American organization in 1975. But the country’s various economic and political problems led to close the dream of an Olympic flame. The city started to be considered for big  events, when the democratic governments returned other sports events sports  were organized in cities of Santiago, Valparaiso, Concepcion and Temuco. World Youth, South Americans and finally in 2015 the Copa America. The Olympic dream was coming a little more, but not the political will or your organization.

In 2013 Chile presented a bid for the 2019 games in a tough competition with Peru (Lima), Argentina (La Punta) and Venezuela (Ciudad Bolívar), which met in Toronto. The winning  bid went for Lima . In 2017, the sports Ministry of Chile, with Pablo Squella, former athlete and selected Olympic in Seoul 88 and Barcelona 92, gave the candidacy  announcement candidacy for Chile, Santiago being the candidate city.   The race will be between Santiago and Buenos Aires, the two southern cities will be facing each other in the decision.


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XIX Pan American Games Santiago 2023 -Candidate City-


This embroidery branding project was one major challenge. Represent the identity of a city through the design is within the largest projects of any professional linked to branding. Thus, following which the Canadian graphic artist George Huel created at the beginning of the modern era, as the logo for Expo 67, the Olympic symbol of Montreal 1976 and the rosace of Ville Montréal in 1981, our focus was simple elements and that are event present today, with the help of design, illustration and digital retouching techniques the options are multiplying.

But our idea about the symbol for Santiago was still simple. In that search we find elements of the city as its geography, its architecture, flora, fauna, color and the skies of the central valley of Chile. The result is in this study and the final result of the symbols, in 4 proposals: flower, Star, ancient light and mount.  Those elements present: «S» letter capital of Santiago and the sinuosity of its territory; Copihue, national flower; Star, national symbol; Water Mapocho River; Architecture, Costanera Tower, mountain range, the Andes, Cerro Manquehue; and the Majesty of the Condor bird in the sky.

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XIX Pan American Santiago 2023 -Candidate City-


The visual program and brand identity for Santiago 2023, is a non-governmental private funds project involving designers, communicators, journalists and foreign entrepreneurs who wish to support the call. The publication of this proposal, the socialization and the medial interventions are the responsibility of the team STGO2023. In Santiago direction is headed by Andrés García-Huidobro, publicist for the Universida del Pacifico with outstanding career in Chile in areas of marketing and social responsibility.

L’ ALLIANCE Groupe Canada is the Branding and Design Consultant Agency. For detailed information on this project, please contact our Director of Design 2023, Roberto Rogge in Santiago de Chile. Further details of our company, please see our contact page.

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